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Physical Motivation 

Red Velvet Pancakes/Veggie Burgers

Rating is basically PG, but it does have profanity

"I’m not doing this," a gruff, somewhat monotonous voice stated. Additionally, he gave his brother a raised eyebrow and the beginning of a glare from his tired-looking eyes. Matt’s brother had been giving him a shit-eating grin with nothing to say for a solid minute, occasionally wiggling his own dark brows. Matt had been doing what he could to use his height and look past him and onto the football field, but it did no good.

Especially considering there was an adorable blond Canadian stretching his long, graceful dancer’s limbs straight ahead.

Which was most likely why his brother, Tommy, was looking at him like that.

"You have to. It’s mandatory," Tommy informed Matt. "Pass er fail."

"I fucking hate gym," Matt groaned, his palms suddenly growing a bit hot the longer he looked at the slightly shorter, fair skinned boy on the field. He had to turn himself away, but not before seeing Matthew’s twin brother, Alfred, join him on the grass. Alfred was eating a protein bar, which was fairly unwise considering they were all about to run a half-mile for gym. The track, which circled the school’s football field, was pretty large, so it was only about four laps or so. Still, Alfred was likely to get a cramp.

"You’re going to throw up, idiot," Matthew scolded, glaring at his brother from the grass below.

"I am not!" Alfred retorted, "This is a mega-healthy protein bar! It’ll gimme all the carbs I need to do this!"

"Yes, but not immediately. Your body needs time to break down carbohydrates before it can use them. You should’ve ate that hours ago.” the blond scoffed, now working on stretching his hamstrings.

The twins had unknowingly attracted the attention of another set of brothers, both at the moment and in the long run. The difference being Tommy didn’t hide his crush for Alfred. The only person on the face of planet Earth that didn’t seem to know was the baby blue eyed boy himself.

"Would you just look at him?” Tommy asked, his magenta eyes becoming half lidded and a dreamy grin replacing his smirk. “He’s wearing shorts. The school’s gym program offers jogging pants too, but he chose the shorts.”

"You got some problems," Matt groaned. This was not the first time his younger brother mused over Alfred’s thighs, and it definitely wouldn’t be the last. "He’s not even in shape. I bet he sits at home eating fast food and watching cartoons, but convinces himself he’s buff."

Tommy’s eyes didn’t once come off Alfred. “I know, isn’t it great?”

A whistle blew, and the gym teacher began relaying instructions, tips, and suggestions on people pacing themselves. Some people listened intently, like Alfred, and other people obsessed with being cool and in shape. Others couldn’t be bothered, like Tommy and Matt.

"Get to the starting line!" the coach called, setting his stop watch and getting his whistle ready.

Matt sighed, getting to the back and away from all those people, leaned back to crack his back, when suddenly a body flanked him. “Hey!” a voice chirped. It was Matthew, grinning cheerily. “I was wondering if you wanted to be my running mate. Coach suggested one for pacing and motivation-“


Matthew stuttered at the interruption, but recovered almost immediately. “Okay, great, thanks!”

Merely seconds later, the whistle blew, and it begun. There were always those people in gym who tried too hard or took it too seriously, and those were the ones practically on the other side of the field before some even started. Alfred tried to be one of those people, but after the first lap he was practically burnt out. Tommy, on the other hand, was already a lap ahead of Alfred, and he joined the other’s side with ease, grinning and not a bead of sweat showing.

"Feelin’ tired, marshmallow?" asked Tommy.

Alfred was almost too winded to reply, but did it anyway. “N-No! I’m as fit as Michael Phelps! I just… have a cramp..” He said, clutching his left side in pain, but keeping his legs moving nonetheless. Alfred looked back up to Tommy, only to find the dark hair boy was looking down, a clear leer on his face.

"Hey! My eyes are up here!"

"That they are," Tommy mumbled.

On the other side of the track, Matt and Matthew, were keeping a steady pace. Matthew felt great! He exercised frequently to stay in shape for hockey season. Running a half mile was practically nothing, and the two of them just started their final lap! “How you holding up Ma-“

When he looked over, he was taken aback to see a red faced, barely breathing Matt, who looked like he’d been running on auto pilot for a while now. “O-Oh my God! Pull over, get into an outer lane!”

Matt shook his head, “I’m fine-“

"I said pull over!!"

Shocked, but impressed with the Canadian’s sudden aggression, he did as he was told and let himself be pushed down to sit on the football bleachers by Matthew.

"You should’ve said something! We’ve done practically four laps in three minutes." Scolded the shorter blond.

"I…  kept up just fine.." said Matt, getting his breath back. He almost felt indignant, being scolded like a kid. Matthew was the only one who could ever do this - he’d knock out anyone else who tried.

Matthew sat down beside him, hand rubbing the upper half of Matt’s back, and the gruffer blond didn’t know whether to push him off or let him keep going… because it felt good. Comforting.

"That doesn’t matter. What matters is going at a pace best suited for you, and you being comfortable and healthy. I don’t want you over doing it and hurting yourself, okay?" Matthew said, smiling sincerely. Throughout his whole pep talk, Matt couldn’t tear his eyes away from the other’s light violet ones. They were so honest, sincere. He practically wore his heart in his eyes, his emotions were so clear. It made an overwhelming sense of … something come over Matt. Something strong, he couldn’t even describe it. But he just wanted to protect Matthew, make sure nothing ever happened to him, knock out anyone who dared to look at him the wrong way.

"Yeah.. okay."

The pair didn’t even notice Alfred and Tommy jog by.

"C’mon, porkchop, you can do it, one more lap to go!" Tommy teased, only just starting to feel the burn, but loving it all the same. 

"F… Fuck!” Alfred heaved out, ready to collapse any second. His draw dropped when Tommy ran a few steps ahead of him, and turned out to face him, and ran backwards. 

"Are you crazy?" Alfred nearly screeched in incredulity. Tommy was doing it with such ease, he was fricken teasin’ him!

"No, just tryna motivate y-" A look of shock and fear popped into Tommy’s face when his ankle rolled and he began to fall backwards, and a similar expression appeared on Alfred when Tommy’s other leg caught between Alfred’s and tripped him as well.

The two fell together in a tangle of limbs and grunts, before Alfred laid flat on his back on the rubber track, with Tommy half-pressed against him, looking down on him before he grinned ear to ear. He leaned down and let his lips linger a pin’s width away from Alfred’s, relishing in the heat radiating off the blonde, before he sealed the deal and kissed him. A moan of surprise escaped from Alfred’s throat, but as quick as it happened, it was over. He opened his eyes, not remembering when he closed them, and saw Tommy running off, looking back at him and giving Alfred a two finger salute.

"Catch ya later, porkchop!"

Alfred sat up, putting his fingers to his lips in a daze. He then stood up, huffed, and began running again, despite his body’s protest. 

"Get back here, you jerk!!"

A/N: is my bias showing??

 Happy New Year!! And this was all done in mobile, so I apologize for any mistakes!

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